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Sofyan A. Djalil is a founder and Chairman of the Board of Supervisor of the Indonesia Heritage Foundation. He is also a lecturer at Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, teaching Corporate and Bankruptcy Law. He is also an adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (Magister Management-UI), teaching Business Law and Ethics. He is also visiting lecturer at Padjajaran University in Bandung, teaching Capital Market Law.


He earned his college degree in Business Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia in 1984.  He earned his M.A. in Public Policy in 1989 from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA. He received another master degree in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) in International Economic Relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University in 1991, and earned his Ph.D. in International Financial and Capital Market Law and Policy from the same school in 1993.


He has rich practical knowledge in how business and government practices in Indonesia being derived from his experiences. He was a researcher at the Center for Policy and Implementation Studies (CPIS), Ministry of Finance from 1984 to 1997 working on Restructuring Program of State-owned Enterprises, and on the Project of the International Trade and Regional Cooperation. He served as the Head of Research and Development of the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) in March 1998 until he was appointed as an Assistant to the Minister of the State-Owned Enterprises in June 1998 (until 2000). He used to serve as a Member of the National Committee for Good Corporate Governance (1999-2000). He was one of the initiator and served as the first Executive Director of the Indonesian Institute of Commissioner and Director (LKDI), 2001-2003. He is also a Member of the Expert Team advising the Minister of Justice and Human Rights (2000 – now); an Arbiter of the Capital Market Arbitration Board (BANI) (2003 –now). In addition, he is also serving as a Member of the Ombudsman Team of the national daily newspaper KOMPAS.


His vast experience in corporate affairs includes serving as Chairman of the Board (President Commissioner) of  PT. Pupuk Iskandar Muda (Fertilizer Company) since 1998. He is also serving as the Independent Commissioner of PT. Kimia Farma Tbk (Pharmaceutical Company) since 2003. He used to serve as members of the Board Commissioner of two state-owned enterprises; PT. PLN (National Electricity Company) from 1999 to 2002, and PT. Pelindo III (Indonesian Port Operator) from 1999-2002.


Due to his deep concerns about the practice of good corporate governance in Indonesia, he founded Sofyan Djalil and Partners (SDP) in 1997, a consultancy firm, specializing in Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Communication. He is still the Managing Partner. His firm has advised a range of companies, from State Owned Enterprise, Public Companies to Multinational Corporations (MNCs).



Because of his extreme business, he always has a guilty feeling for not being able to write to share his ideas and thoughts to the public. He therefore perpetually asks his wife (Ratna Megawangi) to continue writing, because he shares a lot his ideas to his wife. He and his wife are partners in the discussions and argumentations about a broad range of social and ethical issues in Indonesia. He believes that preparing the new generations with good characters is vital, besides building a good system and good law enforcement. He always feels that what he is doing and the foundation’s activities coincide nicely.